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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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watch where you park. the pope doesn't arrive until saturday but the world meeting of families starts tomorrow and this morning the parking authority will be in full force to clear city streets of cars that should be towed. why, eagles, why? why? the birds off to 0-2 start. fans are wondering where is the offense? ahead we'll have a what people are saying about a disappointing loss. >> it's starting to feel more like fall. comfortable conditions for a few days, we're also tracking the threat of showers.
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details are ahead. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato. let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. chilly -- it's cooler this morning. right? >> yes. it's 10 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. so you got to be prepared for that as you head out the door. it's not exactly cold but it's going to be much cooler than it was yesterday. we got to 80 degrees, we'll barely get above 70 today. one of the reasons, the clouds advancing from the southwest, even some showers in parts of virginia that could potentially affect parts of the area later today and then tonight and even into part of tomorrow. 62 degrees at philadelphia now, in the 50s in most of the surrounding areas, especially in our pennsylvania counties and in the poconos it's 47 degrees. so we expect mostly cloudy skies as we go through the morning. temperatures only rising slowly, may not even be 70 degrees by
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noon time. we'll see how much it warms up later this week and the all important weekend forecast in a few minutes. now the traffic. >> thank you, glenn. we're watching an accident in bristol closing durham road. the new falls road is here and durham intersects this area so. new rogers is here, runs by that scene. you can move through and have no problems right now. if we take a flight down the pennsylvania turnpike, everything clear and green. 22 minutes eastbound or westbound, from route 1 to valley forge. over to new jersey, right at route 41, northbound, southbound, no problems, you can see the drive time doing okay. a five-minute trip from 55 to the walt whitman bridge and the rest of the area bridges are fine. i'll check in with those when we come back in the next ten. it is practically here, it's pope week in philadelphia.
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in five days pope francis touches down. >> before he arrives the world meeting of families well under way, it begins tomorrow and will bring a global audience to the area. with large crowds expected to come to philadelphia, plenty of changes are taking effect. for those of us who live here. matt delucia is live in center city with more. >> reporter: this upcoming papal visit is a joy to some but an inconvenience for others especially if you live in center city and you park around the so-called pope zone. here we are along 22nd street here. off the parkway, a week ago today i was in this very spot. this was lined up with cars, now you can see a lot of them have already cleared out. take a look, last night we saw tow trucks around here, relocating cars. the first tow away zone closest to the art museum went into effect last night at 6:00. the next tow away zone goes into effect this morning at 9:00. the tow away zones fan out from the parkway and keep going until wednesday. drivers have been picking up
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placards at the parking authority. with an teeft keep cars being towed until thursday. i did speak with several people who live here, one resident told me that she's not each bothering to stay. she is going to head to the shore for the weekend. another guy i spoke with said you know what, it's going to be an adventure, he is going to stay put and take it easy for a couple of days. we'll come back out live to see this car here has one of those yellow placards on the dash. very important to have one. you have to park your car somewhere else or park in a city garage for a cost of $20. again, with this you can stay until thursday. then you have to move your car. but we've also been seeing a lot of companies have started putting cards in the windshield wipers advertising services to park your car for you. so seem likes people are trying to take advantage of this event here and try to do some business and try to help these people who
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need to park their car somewhere else because certainly a lot of the folks we've been talking with out here even though they had plenty of advance notice still with a little bit of inconvenience for them. hopefully we'll have some of the audio. we'll get that in the next hour. for now though i'm live in center city. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." this morning pope francis is still in cuba following a historic day that included mass in havana and a meeting with fidel castro. the first latin american pope and the leader of the cuban revolution exchanged gifts and talked about things like religion and world affairs. but it was really the outdoor mass yesterday that had the most lasting effect on the crowd of about 300,000 people. it was there that pope francis spoke about the dangers of ideology and elitism. the pope will remain until tomorrow, then heads to washington, d.c., he will talk to congress there among other things on to new york city, and then he will conclude his trip
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in philadelphia this weekend. stay with nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the world meeting of families and the pope's visit. check the "nbc 10 news" app on road closures, mass transit and what you can and cannot bring to the parkway. in other news in the area, philadelphia police are searching for an atv rider who hit a police captain and never stopped. the atv struck in the bridesburg neighborhood. the rider was last seen traveling on richmond street. 4:36. it's a monday morning that will be tougher than most monday mornings for eagles fans. not the home opener we hoped for. the eagles lost in ugly fashion to the dallas cowboys last night. most you saw it. quarterback sam bradford couldn't get anything going, he
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threw two interceptions including this one in the end zone. putting a cap on it there. and the cowboys held the eagles to single digit rushing yards, that was a big problem with the passing game. they couldn't run the ball. the cowboys long time rival doubled the eagles' time of possession yesterday. cowboys 20, eagles 10. >> two games into the regular season and eagles fans are starting to second-guess chip kelly and sam bradford. >> he threw it to a defender and it wasn't a very good play. >> a goal on pick. >> i don't understand. it's a play call. it's the offensive line. the defensive line. the play calling. everything. i don't understand it. >> the home crowd has a few weeks to recover from yesterday's loss before heading back to the link. the eagles have two consecutive away games before hosting the saints in week five. eagles are in need of a devine intervention and pope francis
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could be the man tasked with the job when he visits this weekend. this cartoon from, certainly seems to reflect the frustration among fans. a destroyed statue of chip kelly, and a caption saying well, it was fun while it lasted. >> boy. doesn't take long, does it. >> it doesn't. it's the video you have to see, a fire on the water. >> it was a weekend of fun on the water that quickly turned into terror. wait until you hear who was credited with saving the four people and children aboard this burning boat. >> one of those popular paint jobs on the roads but is red the most expensive when it comes to insuring your car? >> it's a good bit cooler today than it was yesterday with those winds coming in off of the ocean. we'll see how much cooler and when rain is going to come.
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all right. we have cooler weather coming in as we go through the beginning of the week. high temperatures barely above 70 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. the clouds in the northeast wind keeping the temperature down. a slight chance of showers during the night tonight and into tuesday morning. then we start to dry out and get a little bit warmer. wednesday and thursday. the clouds start to increase on friday as we head toward the big weekend. right now it looks like we'll be staying dry. 4:41 on this monday. we're going to get a check of the roads out there. >> feel likes a monday. >> feels like a monday. >> it's going to be all right.
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a good day, cool outside. hopefully things are moving well on the roads. nbc 10's jessica boyington has a look at what, we've got an accident now. >> yes, we have an accident. a few things in montgomery county. one in lansdale, york and cannon avenue. and watch out for a disabled vehicle popping up out in lower merion. if you are heading out in bristol, durham road north and southbound, right at new falls road in here, this is where the intersection crosses you can take new rodgers road to get by that runs parallel to the scene right now. you should be fine. heading out on 309 now, around the p.a. turnpike roads are empty. no problems here. when i come back we're going to head over and check the area bridges. >> relaxing get away goes way off course. >> just praying to god saying
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please don't blow up. >> a yacht caught fire with a family on board and wait until you hear who came to the rescue. >> five days before francis arrives in philadelphia some are already pleading for his help. next, what they plan to do to get their message to the pope.
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today a former peanut company executive is expected to be sentenced for his role in a salmonella outbreak that killed nine people. jurors found stewart parnell guilty of knowingly selling tainted peanut butter and falsifying lab tests when he was president of peanut corporation of america. >> a yacht caught fire in the galveston bay. the terrifying moments caught on cell phone video. on board were four people including a child. they had no idea what to do. it was sinking by the time help arrived. it came from two young fishermen
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who chartered a boat nearby. >> screaming throw the kid, throw the kid, get him in the water. that was my initial priority was get him safe. i was praying to god saying please don't blow up. because you know, in that situation and the flames were so tall it was just -- it was a miracle we got them all to safety. >> the owner of the yacht says the fire started in the engine but the coast guard is continuing to investigate. 4:46. the u.s. is increasing its role in addressing the ongoing migrant crisis in europe. secretary of state john kerry announced yesterday the u.s. will significantly increase the number of refugees it takes in over two years. he says the u.s. will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year with at least 10,000 of those coming from syria. meantime, the struggle along the borders overseas is far from over. pure desperation near the bor r
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border. refugees are racing to get into any friendly country that's willing to accept them. deteriorating conditions are only making things worse. >> unfortunately, it's bleak on the ground without anything. it was very cold. suddenly the weather has you were theed to cold and raining. >> hungarians are toughening the hardline by building more fences to keep the migrants out. as we get closer to the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia, former members of several shuttered parishes are calling on the holy father to save philadelphia's catholic churches in danger of closing. they held a rally outside a church in spring garden. the church closed in 2013. organizers dubbed the rally journey for hope. the number of churches closing
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throughout philadelphia. the group is hoping that the pope's presence will help bring about change. >> we didn't have any closing of recent parishes right now, but we know that as long as he leaves philadelphia the archdiocese is going to do what he did before, putting us aside. >> the group plans to hold a hunger strike until church leaders agree to meet to discuss the future of parishes in the city. women's rights in the catholic church was the focus of a vigil outside st. peter and paul last night. call to action philadelphia organized the event, their goal is to draw attention to the prohibition of female ordination in the church, only men can serve as ordained priests. we're starting off the day a whole lot cooler than we started yesterday, and yesterday we got
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up to 80 degrees. nowhere near that during the day today. we have a cooler week overall. certainly nothing compared to last week. and possible showers. not expecting heavy rain or widespread rain, but there are some showers in the forecast. we'll have a look into the big weekend forecast. there are a couple of possibilities here. hardly wind out here right outside the station. but other places having a decent northeast wind like at the airport. 12 miles an hour there with 62 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, 10 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. in the 50s across much of pennsylvania, outside of the urban heat island of philadelphia up toward northeast philly and lower bucks and we're 63 degrees in dover. farther to the south. the clouds continue to increase across the area. and the northeast wind is going to keep things cool at the shore, the rip current risk is going to be pretty high the next
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couple days. the clouds as you can see increasing from the southwest, looks worse on the satellite than it really is because the clouds are way up there and you can even get some sun through the clouds. look at the showers in southwestern virginia, we may see some of those in the area later tonight and into tomorrow. in the meantime, we've got a lot of clouds around, a couple of showers from time to time. at least in parts of the area and there's tuesday morning with a couple of showers around. then more moving in from the ocean. then the drier air starts to come down as there's plenty of moisture offshore and that's what we're going to have to be watching for later in the week. because that northeast wind is going to continue much of the week, and we have low pressure down to the south. and that is going to make this rain get pretty close to our area by the early portion of the
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weekend. some computer models do bring rain all the way up here by saturday. mostly cloudy skies, cooler, a chance of shower in southern parts of the area. high temperatures barely above 70. not much warmer tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies again, another chance of a couple of showers, not a lot of rain. and then we start fall as we get a little warmer, with highs in the low 80s, cooldown as we head toward next weekend and watch any moisture to the south. >> looking good. thanks, glenn. 4:51. time to check the roads. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on what's happening. you start us off in kensington county. >> around 676 you can see no problems right in here, one of the last exits you head off of before you get over the ben frank lin bridge t toll plaza, you see no problems getting to the bridge and into philadelphia. so the rest of the area bridges were clear so far for the
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morning on the walt whitman, we'll keep you updated on the openings of the bridges and if they are safe to head over. when i come back in the next ten minutes around 5:00 we'll go over more drive times. the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania will hold a ceremonial ground breaking to symbolize the kickoff after $5 million investment in camps. the event happen this is afternoon at camp chelly ridge in montgomery county. the effort is part of the girl scouts' campaign for girls, and of course they hope to spruce up three of the six current campsites. a history making event tonight in the lehigh valley as the flyers face off with the new york islanders at ppl center. the team's first preseason game and the first ever nhl game played in the lehigh valley. the center is the home of the players aah afill dwrat phantoms. the two teams take the ice at 7:00.
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>> happening today, you know where your car is parked? that's a question a lot of people need to ask themselves. more streets are under the new parking rules in philadelphia now ahead of the pope as visit. that means your car could get the treatment that one's getting there. towed. we'll take to you the streets for a live report at 5:00 a.m. and next, it's a power color, why some believe red vehicles may be costing owners more cash.
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>> >> red is a popular choice when it comes to the color of cars. in spite of the fact almost half of americans believe that color affects your insurance rate. a report released debunks that myth, though. the color does not affect your insurance. if you think that items stolen from your car are covered by insurance, then you are wrong. unfortunately, that, too, is also a myth. decision 2016. vice president joe biden's wife
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is weighing in on the possibility of her husband running for the nation's highest office. dr. jill biden's communications director released a statement last night saying that jill would be on board if her husband decides to run. but the statement stressed that the v.p. has not made a decision. earlier reports suggested that jill biden was not supportive of a potential run. the deadline to submit a bid for the presidency is november 6. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is climbing the polls and challenging donald trump. after a strong debate this week, last week rather, she is in second place in cnn's latest national poll edging out ben carson. donald trump still leads but lost 8 points this month. still, 44% of those polled saw him as the candidate who could best handle the economy. in her first sunday show appearance in four years, democrat hillary clinton called trump out. >> he is fueling a level of
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paranoia and prejudice. >> in that same poll wisconsin governor scott walker scored less than half a percentage point. he was once the gop's leading candidate. >> now that poll was conducted before dr. ben carson came under fire for comments he made on nbc's "meet the press." >> no, i don't. i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> now that comes days after the controversy involving gop front-runner donald trump. he did not correct a man who said that the president was muslim. >> we judge candidates not on religion, not on the color of their skin, but on their ideas on what they stand for. that's what democracy is supposed to be about. >> carson's campaign leader
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clarified his remarks saying he has great respect for the muslim community and believe as muslim should be allowed to run but he just doesn't believe the american people are ready for that. >> if you want to take a swing at donald trump you may get your chance. >> a store in los angeles is selling pinatas in the shape of the front-runner. it has been selling through their stock of the pinata despite the higher cost these trump pinatas are a hit, paying $30. 10 to 15 pounds of candy is inside. for some that's the added bonus to the experience. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. no parking. tow trucks are out in force moving cars parked in the
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grounds in center city. more restrictions are going into place. >> frustrated. >> high hopes have sunk to new lows with the eagles' loss in the home opener. now 0-2. >> yeah, that was ugly. this morning's weather, pretty nice. a live look at boathouse row on the schuylkill river. it's feeling more like fall but are the cooler temps here to stay? we'll find out soon. welcome to "nbc 10 news today" on this monday. i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connors. and fall is around the corner. >> it is. >> let's get to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. he fills us in on the forecast. hey, glenn. >> hey, rosemary. we have definitely cooler weather, more comfortable weather as we start the day. and that is going to be the case for the first couple days of the week. clouds increasing across the area. these are high clouds, not really producings any kind of rain until you get way into virginia.
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so there is no immediate threat of rain but this could be a couple of lighter showers later on during the day. you can see some of the showers in northern virginia, a lot more in southwestern virginia, that's the area that could be affecting us later tonight and into tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s in many of the pennsylvania counties and a little milder in delaware. so as we go through the day today, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures getting into the low 70s. and we'll see how much warmer it's going to get and if there's going to be more significant rain with the seven-day. now traffic. >> and glenn, we're still watching an accident in bristol. in this area in here where new falls road intersects with durham road. durham road is closed north and southbound. the best bet to get by take new rodgers road and you'll do fine. as we head out the door on the schuylkill expressway, moving along, these are the eastbound


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